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January 25th, 2016

Spring 2016 – Fashion Week inspiration

woman in hat (640x430)

Fashion Week is always inspiring.

It’s always a great way to kick start the New Year – and 2016 seems to be no exception.

I saw an interesting article in Elle magazine and it really brought home to me the rich diversity and creative ability today’s designers possess.

In a sector that can get consumed by instant repetitive styling and ‘fast’ fashion – it’s so refreshing to see the depth of quality appeal in much of the designs here.

These items look like ‘must haves’ AND they look like they’ll quickly become ‘vintage’ long term wardrobe favourites. That’s an amazing design skill to have… the balance between immediacy and longevity.

Just looking at some of the technical developments and embellishments, it’s great to know there’s such a powerful industry sector out there, to support these new ideas.

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