Building sustainability in sourcing and manufacture across the international textile industry


Supply Chain Management & Operational Mobilisation

With a career spanning four decades David Reay has influenced the shape of some of the World’s leading brands, renowned for their quality, precise in their delivery and efficient in their processes. Always ready to roll-up-his-sleeves David will do the same for your brand. Whether that be supporting management with the day-to-day operations or occasional task specific or troubleshooting input, David now coaches the leadership teams of the global brands of tomorrow, from fast-fashion to high-end luxury names.

Connectivity & Sourcing

Through a curated partner network David Reay will make introductions to the suppliers you need to give your business the edge; whether that be to source a particular fabric, put a total supply chain in place, or source innovators of cutting edge textile technology.
The partner network is built on the founding principle that each link in the supply chain must deliver benefit through stable, sustainable, mutually profitable and secure practices.

Project Management

Operational integrity is an absolute. Working with terms of reference that can be broad or narrow as the client requires, from one-off discreet projects to business-wide or multi-stakeholder David will work with your management team to deliver projects that are on-time, within budget, sustainable and conform to regulatory and corporate social responsibility policies.

Speaking Engagements & Educational Seminars

David’s life work has been in and around the textile industry and he has a wealth of experience with a back catalogue of stories and anecdotes to share as well as first-hand experience of every aspect of the
industry, both in the UK and overseas. David delivers compelling talks, lectures and seminars to audiences around the world; to fashion entrepreneurs, business leaders, students and academics on a range of subjects including ethical sourcing and sustainability.

Due Diligence

David Reay knows the inner workings of a textile business from top-to-bottom. With first-hand experience of every function he has the expertise to thoroughly analyse the business model, the working practices, processes, supplier and customer contracts, financial and operational data. Equally at home in an early stage or long established business David has undertaken due diligence for stakeholders including VCs and fund managers as well as new owners on the metrics of a business and, how if appropriate, they may be improved.


From time-to-time projects require a firm experienced hand on the rudder to get them back on course. Thorough and regular monitoring of all KPIs can alert management, and proper and timely intervention can often avert a crisis in the business. Being alert to warning signs and responding with an appropriate intervention can enable a turnaround before it’s too late. David’s compelling leadership style swings into action in these circumstances.

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