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February 28th, 2017

Northern Clothing & Textile Network Event 17th March 2017

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David Reay, Chair of Northern Clothing & Textile Network announces his exciting collaboration with Fashion Capital & Which PLM for the next event hosted by Northern Design Centre, Gateshead on 17th March 2017


“The Northern Clothing & Textile Network goes from strength to strength” says David Reay, Chair of NCTN as he announces the latest collaborations.

“For what is set to be another “sell-out” event my colleagues Jenny Holloway, CEO of Fashion Capital and Mark Harrop CEO of Which PLM will come to Gateshead to address our delegates and guests. These are exciting times for the UK fashion industry, as the re-shoring renaissance gathers pace” says David. “Fashion Capital and its sister company Fashion Enter are right at the heart of bringing manufacture for major brands back to the UK”.

“And, Mark Harrop will explain how the rapid advancements in technology is having a massive impact on manufacturing processes, enabling just-in-time principles to be applied to the manufacture of clothing responding directly to the demand for fast fashion”.

Fashion Capital is the UK’s  leading portal for the fashion industry and is a staunch supporter of the Made in Britain campaign.

Fashion Enter, its London based sister company manufactures 12,000 garments per week for brands such as M&S, ASOS & Finery as well as sampling and small production runs for independent brands and start-up businesses.

To coincide with London Fashion Week, Fashion Capital and Fashion Enter featured on the BBC News Channel’s Victoria Derbyshire debate on Made in Britain.

Jenny Holloway, CEO of Fashion Capital & Fashion Enter will speak openly and candidly about garment manufacturing in the UK. The industry has come under renewed scrutiny recently with documentaries such as Panorama’s report on child labour in Turkish factories and the Dispatches investigation, Britain’s Cheap Clothes.

Joining Jenny Holloway will be Mark Harrop, CEO of Which PLM A longstanding colleague of Northern Clothing & Textile Network’s chair David Reay, Mark is a digital expert for the fashion industry. He will speak about some of the exciting developments in the use of digital solutions and how these are changing the way the clothes in our closets are being produced.

Please click on the link below to book your place at the  Northern Clothing & Textile Network event on 17th March 2017

Northern Clothing & Textile Network is partnership venture between David Reay & Design Network North



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